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I also have a truly amazing, fully-equipped, mirrored fantasy chamber which is ideal for Fem-Dom, S&M & body-worship role-play scenarios!

If you would like to offer yourself to me to use as my own personal sex-slave in a full Fem-Dom scenario you should refer to my alternative ‘MILFstress Carly’ profile (click on the link at the bottom of this profile) but if you're not into the full Fem-Dom scene then I’m just as happy role-playing the dominant female boss and other ' Tie & Tease' scenarios in my lounge/boudoir!

Britney Spears won a Grammy before Steely Dan, that’s crazy!

Despite a masterful solo career and being the producer behind some of the best D’Angelo and Solange Knowles songs, many still don’t know who Raphael Saadiq is, says Thomas Hobbs, who interviewed him recently “People know.

Impossible to argue with the claim of saadiq being the most underrated artist of his generation.

A criminally under-rated artist and producer only now being appreciated by the masses.

He said to me recently ‘Everybody don’t know you as dope as you are’ and I said ‘Bro, that’s not my job’", the 50-year-old soul singer Raphael Saadiq tells t Q, the day after winning a Grammy for producing Solange Knowles’ epic single ‘Cranes In The Sky’.“But at the end of the day, I am happy being the sleeping elephant.

In the opening episode, he sings two songs live in the fictional Harlem nightclub owned by drug dealer Cottonmouth (played by actor Mahershala Ali, who recently picked up an Oscar for his work on Moonlight).

Genuinely exhibitionistic, I love showing off my body and I have an extensive wardrobe including everything from classy figure-hugging cocktail dresses, lacy lingerie, stockings & uniforms (schoolgirl/maid/nurse/air-hostess/secretary/etc) to slutty, tight micro-mini skirts & shorts, plus lots of kinky skin-tight PVC & latex fetishwear.

He is dropping so much humble knowledge in this piece!

He's a genius -- a true artist -- and I can NOT wait for the new album.

I'm so glad to see him get the recognition he deserved.

Let's not forget he produced one of Joss Stone's biggest albums to date too!

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Lovely to hear that a new album is dropping in May.