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Updating rpm

You will usually want the latest version of a package, but you can provide additional qualifications if you need an earlier version, or the i686 version instead of the x86_64 version.See the section on specifying package names in the man pages for the files.

This is often a good guess, but not always the right one and not the right one in this case. Assuming that you know it's really in the gcc-gfortran package and that you downloaded or otherwise acquired a copy of the package, you might try installing it using the command knows that the package has a dependency, but unfortunately, it won't help you resolve that dependency.You will learn more about dependencies later in this tutorial.Note: In , YUM found the latest version of the gcc-gfortran package which happened to be the same level (4.9.2-6) as the one we attempted to install in .So you at least don't have to manually install each piece in the right order.If you've used Debian's APT, by this time you're probably wishing you had something like the command, which would simply go and find what you need, including dependencies, and just install it.

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And at some time you will probably need to install new packages for added functionality, update the packages you have, or even remove packages that you no longer need or that have been made obsolete by newer packages.