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Don't be the guy to lose out on a great girl because she hasn't had her breasts done yet. As much as I love sharing my dating stories, there are a lot of experiences that I haven't had.So they’re already into queer circles, and there’s a lot less exposition that I have to do about what trans is.It’s when I’m dating guys, the majority of whom are straight, that I have to give that exposition.If I don’t think they’re worth my time, then that’s fine.

Simply put: Don't let what you see in porn dictate how you communicate with a trans woman. Don't make me feel like I need to be your teacher 24/7. I am not your lab rat or personal science experiment.

Asking me what's the difference between a cross dresser and transgender makes me feel like I'm your personal textbook. Porn is fantasy; not every girl is going to give you Mia Bella in sexy lingerie and serve you a platter of the raunchiest sex you've had. From hormones and laser hair removal to breast augmentations and gender confirmation surgery.

You have to be patient because it truly costs for us to be the woman we see ourselves as.

So now I’ve been writing and doing public speaking which has filled that gap.”That’s true for many, but I’m sure your complications are different than my complications.“Yes and no.

I’m confident about being trans, and my philosophy about dating as a trans woman is I bring up my trans status as soon as possible.

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Many guys tend to ask questions, which is good in some circumstances. It's already hard for a trans girl to genuinely date or be in a relationship, because of, oh, I don't know: points nos. Guys, be very clear and up-front about what you are seeking.

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