Speed dating raleigh north carolina

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"You're so tired, all you want is to collapse on your couch with a glass of wine," she says. The solution for someone with a busy career in a female-majority field like Tancred lies in online dating, especially if your city is home to plenty of single guys. IF THERE'S A SHORTAGE OF MEN IN YOUR PROFESSIONFor women in female-dominated fields, it can be complicated to meet a good guy—especially if you spend all your time at work.

She also discovered that leading with your hobbies rather than your career is preferable. Veterinary medicine TOP 10 CITIES TO MEET SINGLE GUYSGo West, young woman!

The gender gap in the college world is particularly pronounced, as nearly 60 percent of American undergraduates are women, and that number is only growing.

There are woefully numerous major cities—New York, Washington, D.

Amy Webb, author of , says that the ratio of women to men in your job doesn't really matter if you're searching online as long as you know what you want.

To find a good guy, Webb says, "You can't just say your audience is .

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"Some of my best friends don't have the best reputations, but they are amazing guys who are judged harshly for something they've allegedly done," Miller says.