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Single coil pickup ohms

The V3 board also provides a VB921 high current driver that will drive your single coil directly, this means you dont need an amplifier/dwell controller.

If you use a crank trigger you do not need to modify your distributor.

Sometimes you may need to "re-phase" your distributor to change the angular relationship between the rotor arm and the vanes if using a trigger inside it.

3)Make sure one of the metal finger edges are close to the Hall sensor if using the distributor sensor to fire the MS, if your using a crank sensor then ensure this is near an edge of one of the lugs of the crank wheel.

If you do wish to use these then you will have to build a daughter board of some form to mount the components on.If this is the Trigger Angle you calculate then you either need to move your crank sensor/wheel or modify your distributor to obtain a compatible trigger angle.This is due to the way the ECU calculates the spark timing, the calculations need around a 5deg band from the Trigger Angle. If you set a Trigger Angle of 23 degrees (no additions) then your maximum advance would be about 18degrees which will almost certainly give you a very lame engine down on power.Just make sure that the internal rotor points towards one of the towers when the engine is roughly in the firing angle - if it is halfway you can easily get cross-firing between cylinders.Below is a general layout drawing of the V3.0 MS ECU and trigger sensor with the coil.

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If the Trigger Angle setting is less than 15 deg the code will use "Next Cylinder" sparking, which means it will work out the timing for the next spark rather than the current spark, this is perfectly acceptable.