Secret dating Mönchengladbach

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Secret dating Mönchengladbach

There were no married quarters there, so the family – Mum and three kids – lived up a ladder in a farm barn.My first girlfriend, Hazel Clark, aged three, lived next door. ) I do recall slow, wartime train journeys; people living in the Tube stations in London; houses in Liverpool backing on to the railway line split open like dolls' houses, with furniture falling out; being sick on the ferry boats; Mum putting a rather oversized toddler (me) into a pram to push me over the Irish Free State border to buy unrationed bacon, butter and eggs, and then wheeling the pram back, with me sitting precariously on top, past winking Southern Irish and Ulster policemen at the border crossing.He enlisted in 1926, as a starving miner, after the General Strike.

My father, Alfred Leonard James Parris, was in the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) and married my mother, Georgette Eugenie Youssief, who, according to her birth certificate, was Palestinian, although she, too, was born in Alexandria, Egypt.My birth certificate and marriage certificate are both army forms.We have been living in Altea, Spain, since my husband's retirement in 1993.'Chris Fussell's army-child experiences included being billeted in a barn in Northern Ireland and witnessing joyful VE and VJ celebrations in Aldershot.I met my husband, Gordon (also RASC), when my father was posted to Singapore.We married in Singapore in 1954 and we had four children.

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(Oh, and the sky did go black with planes and gliders once – our lot to the Rhine crossing in March 1944? My sailor Uncle Jack coming up from his minesweeper in the Grand Harbour with presents for us from all over the Mediterranean.

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