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Fun facts about speed dating

In 2008 at the beginning of the recession, they weren’t able to get a loan like they had before.Fortunately by this time, the Tiff’s Treats brand was known and they had interest from investors. When we asked Tiff and Leon what’s next for them, they let the cat out of the bag: San Antonio is the next stop on their journey of expansion.The challenge that comes with preparing fun office games is finding one that perfectly fits YOUR group.

“Austin people are just so accepting.” Tiffany added her words of thanks to the community: “Thank you for your support and excitement.

During our enjoyable time together, I unearthed 8 facts you probably don’t know about Tiff’s Treats, including heretofore unreleased info (yes, I said heretofore).

Founders and owners Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen have known each other since high school.

After outgrowing that space, they found a business on the Drag that let them split space.

They were there for a year before the business went under.

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I’m still shocked when an Austinite tells me they’ve never tried cookies from Tiff’s Treats. If you’re currently hiding your face in shame, stop it and go order some cookies for yourself.