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Finland's svensk dating sites

The emigration from the Swedish parts of Finland, as well as from the country as a whole, tended to fluctuate with economic conditions in the receiving country.The Finlandic emigration statistics make it quite clear that emigration rose with prosperity in America and fell in times of depression.The majority of the men were engaged in the building trades, others in factory work.

Here, too, the early occupations were lumbering, farming, fishing, and the building trades.The so-called "America-fever" was a continuous though fluctuating phenomenon in the Swedish parts of Finland, especially in Osterbotten and Aland, from the eighties up to World War I.It was stimulated by several factors; poverty or not enough land at home, dollar remittances by earlier emigrants, tales told in letters and by returnees of the opportunities to "make money" in America, advertisements by steamship companies, and at times also the desire of the young men to avoid military service.In the early period, most of the newcomers found their economic opportunities in the lumber and mining industries, with smaller numbers in manufacturing and the building trades.In a few places farming and fishing early became the chief occupation.

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Chicago and Waukegan, Ill., Duluth and the mining towns on the Mesabi Range in Minn., Ashland, Wis., Ironwood, Crystal Falls, Dollar Bay, Negaunee, Escanaba, Gladstone, Metropolitan, Ludington and Muskegon, Mich.

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