Deadmau5 dating kat

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Deadmau5 dating kat

When you can change a tattoo to something else as opposed to removing it, it is usually a bad move. Johnny Depp changed his "Winona forever" tattoo to "Wino forever." That's how you get back at somebody, turn the tattoo about them into an obnoxious tattoo.Johnny Deep could afford to get the tattoo removed completely, and obviously having "wino forever" on your body is not a great idea."I have one tattoo on my whole body like an ***hole and it's a f***ing wedding ring and I'm divorced," vented Griffin.Photo: Pinterest Johnny Depp: This is probably the worst tattoo cover up of all time.Of course, the gods have a punchy way to deliver happenstance. And this morning for GQ at least, it comes in the form of a road-traffic accident inside the Blackwall Tunnel, the main traffic artery from inner London to the O2. Harry: I know the number of people I’ve slept with, yes. And despite the others' discussion of groupie love, the reporter paints the overall story to hail Harry as king, giving the others the shaft when it comes to career importance. Styles, it seems like he's just as much in love with him as we are!!

And considering how much those lasers are supposed to hurt, chances are she really is not into the idea of a reconciliation, which is sad, because they were adorable together.These celebs had equally bad luck in love and body art ... Photo: We Heart It Begin slideshow Chad Ochocinco: After the news broke that Chad and wife, Evelyn Lozada were on the rocks he decided to try and show his dedication to her by getting her tattooed on his leg.It didn't work and they still aren't together.Photo: Pinterest Melanie Griffith: What does one do when you fall madly in love with Antonio Banderas and get married to him? Photo: Pinterest Kathy Griffin: The redhead comedian decided to ditch the ring and go for a wedding ring tattoo.Sadly, her marriage to Matt Moline ended and is left with a painful reminder.

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Photo: Pinterest Rihanna: Back in the dark days when Rihanna was still very much attached to Chris Brown they decided to get matching tattoos.