Celebrities who have tried online dating discount dating

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Celebrities who have tried online dating

And while some have had amazing experiences (One met her fiance! Hilary Duff's "Sparks" music video is basically an ad for Tinder, since the bubbly singer and fashion icon (I think I drool over every outfit this woman wears) features her going on real-life Tinder dates.

Hopefully if you’re lucky, one day your celebrity dream crush will end up swiping right on you.

Halle Berry has followed the trend of using anonymity online to try to act "normal" again and meet people the old-fashioned way.

Before getting married, she would frequent online chat rooms, some of which were specifically for dating.

Joan Rivers boldly made a profile under her own name.

She brought her unique personality with her, but made sure to point out that she would prefer a well dressed George Clooney over a stripped down Brad Pitt anyday.

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When Tinder appeared in app stores across the world in 2013, everyone freaked out about the possibilities.

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