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Cheap offers a Deep Sea Fishing excursion through Island Routes, which is a 4 hour excursion that includes round-trip transfers.The excursion can be purchased at the time of booking, or added on at a later date (as long as it is at least 72 hours prior to departure).The shrimp that was on any of the menus was always sauced up and you did not receive very many, unless you went to the buffet.Didn't seem like fresh shrimp though, which was disappointing considering we were in the Caribbean.It rained a couple of days while we were there and on site activities were limited.

I can't however tell you where exactly they were or what they were fishing for.

one day a small panga hanged out in front and took a guy fishing.. no idea what they charged him sorry not much help here Lots of fishing charters out of the Ocho Rios harbor 10 min away.

The resort will recommend Island Dog fishing which is 0 for 4 hours for 1-4 people.

Great spot for Blue and White Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Sailfish and some Tuna!

would love to go horseback riding and a bit of jet sking while there to mix in with a falls tour and just plain ol relaxing if we go for a week long honeymoon will there be enought things to to for an active couple?

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The food options were very limited to say the least. Both my husband and I assume they watered the liquor down because we were doing mixed drinks with double shots of absolute and weren't even getting tipsy.

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