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Accomodating a child

Sadly, the situation in our schools today is that a child will be at least two years behind in their reading before any interventions.There are, of course, exceptions to this rule and some schools are very good at recognising dyslexic children and giving them appropriate support. And that is why we have one in five children leaving primary school who cannot read or write.Leaving primary school without these vital skills can make the transition into senior school really traumatic.It is during this time that a child may begin to become anti-social and their behaviour deteriorates rapidly.Through the British Dyslexia Association National Helpline we hear everyday from parents who are in despair about what to do for their child.

It has a National Helpline and a website: where there is a wealth of information and dyslexia expertise to help you. I was originally from Somerset but have spent most of my life in Wales.My first encounter with a mental health professional was in 1984 when I was a student in Bangor, Gwynedd.The meeting was a disaster and when I and my former partner tried to complain about this man’s insensitive and inappropriate conduct we were threatened.(We were to receive many such threats over the following years.) We later found out that this man who had been approached to ‘help’ was the notorious T. Here is a link to the publications page of my friend and colleague Prof BJ Brown – publications that I have co-authored with him are listed here, including two journal articles directly concerning the north Wales mental health services (Brown, Baker and Baker, 2012; Baker, Brown and Gwilym, 2008) which can be read or downloaded book ‘Responsible Citizens: Individuals, Health and Policy Under Neoliberalism’ (Brown and Baker, 2012) Anthem Press also has contains much material relating to the mental health services in Wales.

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For these young people the future is definitely blighted and they are at serious risk of becoming disaffected and involved with the criminal justice system.